Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation allow the top management to assess how an intervention evolves over time; how effectively it was implemented and whether there are any gaps in the stated objectives and the achieved results; and whether the changes are occurred due to the intervention. Monitoring and evaluation are vital in the planning and execution of activities to achieve the stated objectives. offer monitoring and evaluation services which include monitoring and evaluation of programmes/projects, Impact Assessment studies, surveys and census.

Monitoring of Programmes / Projects

CMD has exceled in conducting monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects for more than two decades. The type of monitoring CMD undertakes includes Concurrent Monitoring, Process Monitoring and Outcome Monitoring of various Central and State Government Projects.


Evaluation of Programmes / Projects

CMD is well versed in conducting Pre Project, Concurrent and Terminal Evaluation of projects implemented by different departments of Central and State Government


Impact Assessment Studies

CMD undertakes different impact studies of various schemes/projects implemented by the State and Central governments and also experienced in conducting socio-economic impact studies of different schemes/projects of Central and State Governments.


Social Impact Assessment Studies

CMD has extensive experience in conducting Social Impact Assessment studies for planned and unplanned interventions, as well as infrastructure projects.


Surveys and Census

CMD conducts various types of surveys and censuses for various Central and State Government departments and ministries, such as social, economic, environmental, market and benefit.